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  • @zombieroomie Yup. There was a nice case last year where the RCMP managed to track & sue a company in the States :)4 minutes ago
  • @zombieroomie We do. And we're on it but these are often hard to track down automated spammers.5 minutes ago
  • ARGH. We get a stoopid amount of automated sales calls. The next XMen movie should just have the Sentinels phoning people unsolicited.12 minutes ago
  • Photoset: Cartoon weekend RT: I drew a lot of random stuff this weekend, so here’s a big ol’ pile of them... minutes ago

If he can draw, I can write.

Posted by Lar deSouza on April 27, 2015

Here’s a special super limited time offer from your Unca Lar, to benefit this year’s Multiple Sclerosis campaign. The walk is this Sunday May 3rd. Donate today: 



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